Christmas Time

Our Christmas celebration starts in the begining of December. We make our classroom and outdoors festive for the children.  There is always plenty of crafts, stories and games. You never know who is going to show up ! Yes, Santa Claus takes time out of his very busy schedule to visit the children each year!  

When the Christmas season is upon us, preschoolers pick up a hint of excitement in the air, and are more than willing to do all things festive. 

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas, so have you been good this year? What would you like for Christmas?

— Santa

We organise our December curriculum around the holiday theme. We provide special craft activities that include Christmas trees, decorations, chimneys, stockings, Santa Claus and reindeer.

  • We also introduce children to Christmas songs
  • We read aloud stories related to the Christmas theme
  • Other activities in December include the Winter theme

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