Halloween Party

There are so many fun Halloween activities at Footprints. It's that special time of the year for cute costumes, yummy treats and spooky decorations. There are tons of activities in this holiday season.

Woooo! Woooo! It's that beautiful, spooky time of year when trees are more colourful than ever and pumpkins, hay bales, and ghosts are used to decorate indoors and out. Our activities include:

  • Various Paper Crafts
  • Glowing Ghosts
  • Halloween Masks
  • and many others
Click here for Instructions

Footprint Ghost

A Halloween activity for the whole Family - This is a simple paper craft, so there is very little mess and the materials are always on hand. It's also a fun way to capture just how small your little one's foot is this Halloween season! You can make a whole family of footprint ghosts.

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